Black:  Backswing Arc
Green:  'On Plane' Forward Swing Arc
Orange:  'Traditional' Forward Swing Arc
Notice:  Steeper angle of approach with 'Traditional' Arc
Green:  'On Plane' Forward Swing Arc.
Orange:  'Tradtional' Forward Swing Arc.
Notice:  'On Plane' Arc will travel on the 'target line' more than 'Traditional' Arc
Junior Golf League 2017

PGA Professionals Patrick Damore and Bernie Haas will teach your children (ages 6 to 17) golf at the Lakewood Golf Center in Lakewood, NY.  

1 child = $60
2 children = $110
3 children = $150
4 children = $180
5 or more children = $40 per child

Cost includes golf instruction and miniature golf (putt putt) over 4 weeks (4 lesson dates).

Lesson Dates:  
Wednesday, June 28th, 10am start
Wednesday, July 12th, 10am start
Wednesday, July 19th, 10am start
Wednesday, July 26th, 10am start

Please print out the application, fill it out and send it to (with payment):
Patrick Damore
PO Box 1331
Warren, PA 16365
P.O. Box 1331
Warren, PA  16365
Western New York PGA
PGA member since 2004