Black:  Backswing Arc
Green:  'On Plane' Forward Swing Arc
Orange:  'Traditional' Forward Swing Arc
Notice:  Steeper angle of approach with 'Traditional' Arc
Green:  'On Plane' Forward Swing Arc.
Orange:  'Tradtional' Forward Swing Arc.
Notice:  'On Plane' Arc will travel on the 'target line' more than 'Traditional' Arc
In Person Lesson w/Patrick

Patrick teaches locally at Lakewood, New York at the Lakewood Golf Center.  His teaching schedule starts April 1st (weather permitting) and extends until September 30th (weather permitting).  You can contact the Lakewood Golf Center at  716-763-0224. Or visit the website at.... Lakewood Golf Center.
P.O. Box 1331
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Western New York PGA
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